LED Engineered Light,


Die cast aluminum alloy (ADC12) heat-sink
Efficient polycarbonate(PC) lens refractors
Lexan polycarbonate(PC) front cover
Silicone cable
Anodized polyester powdercoat

Protected Against:
Reverse polarity
Shock proof, waterproof and UV shielded
RFI/EMC interference
Voltage and current surge

Operating conditions:
9-36V DC input (available the other range)
Environment temperature -40~+60 ° C

Thermal management regulation
50,000+ Hours life span
2 year warranty
Flood optical system
Instant on/off
With collapsible handle and rotatable magnetic base
Switch included

Model SW12238B
Beam type Flood
LEDs 8x5w
Power(watts) 40w
Voltage Range 9-36V
AMP Draw(12V/24V) 3.3/1.5
Raw Lumens 3984
Beam Distance(0.25lux@m) 229
Peak Beam Intensity(cd) 13110
Waterproof IP68
Certificate CE
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