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About Us

Specializing in LED lights primarily used for automobiles, Foshan Sunway Auto Electrical Co was established in 2001 and continues to create innovative new LED products each year. Sunway has a large market share of the LED industry thanks to our highly skilled technical personnel. Our outstanding research and development center, testing center, and our advanced production techniques allow us to be the manufacturer that we strive to be. We have had several technological breakthroughs from exterior design to the internal construction of our LED products.

The environment is one of the things that we care about greatly and because of this, we go through great lengths to minimize our carbon footprint.

We produce a wide range of products including, work lights, driving lights, LED bars, heavy duty lights and marine lights. Because of the high efficiency of these lights, Sunway has been gaining in popularity over the years. As we become more popular, our quality becomes increasingly important.

In order to guarantee a high level of quality, Sunway has introduced advanced production equipment and a lean manufacturing process. Every stage of production is performed in strict accordance with ISO/TS16949 standards.

Together, we will light the way ahead and project a bright future.

1. 100% of our LED lights are shipped directly from the factory to be delivered at your door.
2. 20 years as a professional LED light manufacturer.
3. Reliability: All products are thoroughly tested.
4. Information: Even a small questions, we will help you solve any issue as fast as we possibly can.
5. Quality warranty: All products are under warranty for 2-5 years.
6. Wide range of LED products to choose from.