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Adaptable models for E4 certificate:
SW12260 / SW12263 / SW12249 / SW12258 / SW12259 / SW12009 / SW12010 / SW12011 / SW12015 / SW12020 / SW12023 / SW12024 / SW12025 / SW12237 / SW12257 / SW12265 / SW12266 / SW12267

The IP test is for the dustproof and waterproof test requirements.
Adaptable models for IP68 certificate: All the models

ROSH certificate:
Adaptable models for ROSH certificate: All the models

TS16949 certificate:
ISO/TS16949:2002, as a sign of quality guarantee, can help enterprises to obtain the trust of customers, in order to get a broader market space.
Adaptable models for TS16949: Design and production for work lights

Vibration test:
After the vibration test, can not happen the anomalies such as parts fall off, structural damage and bulb failed to light, etc.
Adaptable models for vibration test: SW12009/SW12217